Emotional Control and Anger Management

Emotional Control and Anger Management – Client Stories

Crossinology’s Brain Integration Technique has helped many clients (both children and adults) who struggle with emotional control, whether hair trigger anger or dissolving into tears for no apparent reason. Several of these clients have chosen to share their stories because they want others to know that BIT can be life changing for these kinds of issues. Several clients have called us with updates two or three years later that are also included.

“I have brought two of my children to Laura for brain integration. My oldest son went at 11 having long struggled with ADD and dysgraphia. The term “smart but scattered” applied perfectly to him. We had spent thousands of dollars on tutoring and other therapies aimed at improving right/left hemisphere communication before I learned about brain integration. I wish we had started with Laura and saved our son the years of frustration and self-doubt, and ourselves the cash! He is now perfectly independent in middle school and consistently on the honor roll.
I brought our middle son to address anxiety and stress that was hampering his academic performance and causing undue pressure on him and our entire family. Prior to brain integration, he was prone to melting down multiple times a day. The last time I saw him lose it without legitimate provocation was the night before brain integration began. He will gladly tell anyone who asks that he feels much more even-keeled after getting his brain integrated! He has made dramatic improvement in the academic skills that he was previously avoiding altogether and is also on the honor roll.
To say the results have been life-changing for our family is not an exaggeration. I have recommended brain integration to many friends experiencing a variety of issues and all of them have found dramatic changes for problems that previously seemed impossible to resolve. I am so grateful to Laura for all she’s done for our family.”

~ Elizabeth Spilotro


Client Stories…


The Gall Family – Child Emotional Control

This kindergartener was having tantrums in class and became violent toward other children and staff.   One year after Brain Integration Technique, his mom sent the letter below.  Two years after, she made this video:


Dear Laura,

I wanted you to know what a wonderful change I’ve seen in my son ever since he completed Brain Integration with you. When we came to you, we as a family were desperate to help him. He is a very bright boy who loved school and exhibited no learning disabilities or delays until February 2012 in Kindergarten. Suddenly, he was unable to be successful in the regular classroom setting due to enormous amounts of frustration and anger resulting from attempting to complete ordinary classroom work. He would throw huge tantrums and become violent towards peers and school staff. His father had to leave for contracted work in California around the time of the uncharacteristic behaviors, so we knew a great emotional upset was part to blame. Eventually, I had to home school him not knowing what else to do. He had play therapy and occupational therapy at home and still struggled with emotional issues and behaviors. He would cry and ask why he was doing these things. He was also very aware he was not like the other kids…the “bad kid” he would say. He would sob and say he was so sorry. This was not like him and my heart broke to see him in so much pain!

We as parents were being told Asperger’s by his therapist and Sensory Processing Disorder/Emotionally Disturbed labels were being thrown at us by the schools. Thankfully, our Naturopath suggested as part of our son’s treatment for these emotional issues to do Brain Integration Technique. The doctor felt we would be encouraged to put him on drugs for misdiagnosed issues if we did not look at all the alternative options to the troubling problems we faced.

Now, after Brain Integration, WE HAVE OUR SON BACK!!!!! He is the silly and energetic six year old we knew. He has returned to a new school and loves it. He is making friends and enjoys his teachers. He is doing great academically and doesn’t have the melt downs he once had about classwork. He eagerly does his homework and studies his spelling. He struggles from time to time but nothing like the huge emotional disturbances it had been. He will not be medicated, misdiagnosed, or negatively labeled! His father continues to support our family away from home and it still gets our son down, but we never see the angry outbursts like he had before we found you.

Thank GOD for you, Laura and thank you so very much for being the light at the end of such a dark tunnel for our precious little boy. We are healed and moving forward and it’s all due to the amazing work you do!


The Gall Family




For Parents of College-Aged Kids

The following client story could have been written by the parents of many college age clients – especially young men – who found high school increasingly too difficult and who dropped out of college because it was more than they could manage. They then tried and failed in the job market, even at minimum wage jobs. They became discouraged, if not depressed, and saw little hope for the future. Their parents tried many approaches that didn’t help, and were feeling out of options. Then they came for Brain Integration, and saw dramatic change. Here is a typical example. These parents prefer to be anonymous, but they speak for many others.

As parents in the medical fields we were concerned that medications may have been our only hope for our son suffering from depression. After high school he struggled and withdrew from NAU his freshman year. Then he withdrew from Yavapai College. After some low level jobs he eventually sunk into a withdrawn depressive state.

Luckily we found Prescott Brain Integration. We now realize that his issues were largely due to undiagnosed learning difficulties that were making school and life very difficult. He was treated by Lynn Leu in December 2015 and has returned to himself. He now is working in a job with potential and attending Yavapai College. His thought process is greatly improved and his attitude is fantastic. He says “I’m back!”

Thank you Lynn.


Ray – Adult Anger Management

Ray is an accomplished man in his early 50s who came to see Lynn due to emotional and behavioral challenges.

Six weeks after completing brain integration, I observe that I am much more patient and peaceful. I would no longer describe myself as explosive, impulsive or moody. I can take on more things without getting overwhelmed – in fact I haven’t been overwhelmed at all since BIT. My ‘to do’ list which used to be so long is now quite short since I am finding it easy to complete projects. I have struggled with perfectionism much of my life and I notice that this is not an issue for me now. My clarity and creativity have increased. My memory is much better across the board. And my reading comprehension has improved so much that I can now say that I actually like to read. I spend much more of my time in the present, not lost in the past or the future. I’m looking forward to sharing the opportunity of BIT with my daughter.

Here is an update from Ray three years later:

I did the Brain Integration with Lynn a few years ago and I still feel the positive effects. I am still much more patient and peaceful than I used to be. I would no longer describe myself as explosive, impulsive or moody. I can take on more things without getting overwhelmed. I started a business and I can take on many tasks at a time and I complete projects. My increased creativity is very useful as I am able to solve technical issues without frustration. My memory and my reading comprehension are still extremely acute. I am getting ready to test for my black belt in karate and my balance and body awareness is well above that of my classmates and I attribute it directly to the brain integration. It was a wonderful investment in my health, well-being and inner peace.
Thank you Lynn!



Deanne Clark – Adult Anger Management & PTSD

Deanne came for Brain Integration at the recommendation of her therapist. She is a disabled vet (US Navy) who has great determination to be able to live independently and to go back to work. She described herself as having been “living in a cloud”, often confused, not able to focus, or multitask, or find the right words, or remember things from moment to moment, let alone over time. She also had significant problems with anger management, and with PTSD issues from her childhood and from combat. She was taking 14 different medications under the supervision of her VA doctors – some for depression, some for pain, some for focus issues, others for other health issues.
Two Weeks After BIT
Here is a video Deanne made two weeks after her experience with Brain Integration Technique. What Deanne doesn’t mention in the video is that at the end of her two days of BIT, her ability to remember numbers went from 4 forward and 3 backward, which is early elementary school level, to 7 forward and 7 backward, which is beyond the target for adults. This was a joyful moment for her. She also was amazed to see her reading go from choppy and hesitant to smooth and fluent and her ability to remember what she read jump from 20% to 90%. On the coding exercise Deanne was able to remember all 9 symbols on her first try, a result she met with disbelief. Her most moving moment, as she expressed in the video, was when she realized she was no longer “in the cloud” – that she felt part of the world around her again.

As she mentions in the video, Deanne met with her VA psychiatrist who immediately noticed the changes in her. Deanne was taken off her medications for concentration and focus, as well as sleep, since she no longer needed them. At this point she was going to the gym every day, and her anger issues had disappeared. Her psychiatrist asked her to volunteer in the pain clinic at the VA as an inspiration to others vets.
Eight Months Later
Deanne called to say that she is off all three of her medications for anxiety and depression, and that she would describe herself as “exuberant” – she loves her life and has found her purpose. The only two drugs she is now taking are for pain. She was asked to give a presentation to the senior management and doctors at the VA center about her transformational experience, and it was met with applause and followed by many personal congratulations. She gives much of the credit to BIT, and so does her psychiatrist.
We are hoping that the VA will fund a study and move ahead on how BIT can help other vets with similar challenges.


Jamie Procknow – Child Emotional Control


Two of my sons have struggled in school and at home as a result of their ADD/ADHD. My husband and I would spend hours every evening on seemingly simple homework and even when the boys got through it, they still didn’t seem to retain much of what they learned. My oldest son was always on the verge of getting failing grades. He was able to get by in his early school years but as he was approaching fifth grade, the expectations were higher and he began falling further and further behind. I feared the same would happen to his younger brother.

The toll my sons’ emotional instability took on our family was beginning to cause many problems as well. The boys were continually disciplined for compulsive or disruptive behaviors. My husband and I have other children as well, but because we had to pour so much into these two, we had little time for anything else. Our whole family was really struggling. I began to see my older son’s frustration manifest itself in many negative ways. He would lie because he hadn’t completed his schoolwork and worst of all he felt like a failure. His self esteem was going down the drain along with his hope and frankly, so was ours.

We had already tried medication but found the side effects to be as bad (if not worse) than the initial concern. We also made modifications for both of them in their diet and nutrition, we had a tutor, we had them in smaller class sizes, we were involved in their studies, and we had a therapist for them. We were at a loss for what more could possibly be done and yet giving up was not an option!

It was then, at the height of our frustration, we remembered we had heard about brain integration nearly a year and a half earlier. It was intriguing, and if money hadn’t been the issue, we would have done it then. But now, our situation required we figure it out…I likened it to an illness that if not treated would be fatal, because it really seemed that way, and I knew I would stop at nothing – least of all finances to save my kids’ lives!

I called Laura Fields, and a few weeks later my sons began the process. When people ask, I often remark that it is the best financial decision we’ve ever made! The results have been staggering. Not only are both our son’s grades top notch now, their behavior is measurably improved as well. Many benefits I didn’t expect have come up also, for instance, my younger son was never able to look people in the eyes when they spoke to him (which got him in worse trouble because he was viewed as disrespectful.)

That has all changed, he now engages in conversation in a very different manner and he has a heightened sense of awareness. In fact suddenly he is tuned into things going on around him that don’t necessarily pertain to him. We used to feel fortunate if we could just get him to pay attention to what we were saying to him! He even initiates conversation now about his various observations, this would have been unheard of before BIT. Both boys’ self esteem has been steadily improving as they now realize they can control their behavior, and they are capable of earning good grades, their confidence is heart warming! This process has been a miraculous blessing to our family!- Jamie Procknow



Ben – Child Emotional Control

Ben was socially awkward. He was often alone, and he felt misunderstood. He didn’t have problems academically, but he had the demeanor of a victim. He was unable to understand other kids and their humor.

After Brain Integration, Ben was self confident in social situations and able to handle his feelings.

Here’s what his mother had to say several months later:

Five months ago Ben went through Brain Integration with you. You were so gentle and caring with him (and me, the concerned mom). Thank you for taking the time you did to explain things along the way and to reassure us both.

We began to see results right away. At the end of that school year when his teacher commented to me about the positive changes she saw in him, I knew that I wasn’t dreaming. Others could see the differences, too. Ben’s problems weren’t in the area of academics. He was awkward socially. He often felt alone and misunderstood. He didn’t seem to be “get” the humor of the other kids. He felt like an outsider, and he was, because he lacked the confidence to be “his own man” and to be content with who he was. .

I am happy to say, that I see great changes in him. His personality didn’t change. He is still quirky and enthusiastic. He is still competitive and a bit insecure, but these characteristics are not crippling. He is more open to others and their opinions. He is learning when to state his needs and when to give in to others’. He has more balance in his life. .

Just yesterday, a friend told me that his posture has changed. I see it, too. He holds himself up straight and looks out brightly through those beautiful hazel eyes. He smiles readily. The world is not his enemy, he is not its victim. What a gift. Thank you. .

As I said, he is still my Ben. He is still a nine-year-old who needs to be shaped and encouraged, but, wow, what a leap of maturity he has made. Thank you for assisting us in this journey.



Julie – Adult Anger Management

Julie easily lost her her temper. It was difficult for her to maintain her emotional balance. Even when she recognized that she was off balance, she could not easily bring herself to a stable place. As a single mom, it was difficult for her to cope with the hectic demands of many schedules.

Julie did not realize how hard she had worked in school until after her Brain Integration, when she returned to school. She was surprised and delighted that her comprehension was greatly improved, and her brain felt “super-charged.”

These are her comments:

I went through Brain Integration in July and though it’s harder to see how I have changed than it is to see changes in my son, I wanted to share a couple of things I have noticed.

First off, I have been much more even-keeled emotionally. When I do lose my balance (or my temper) I have an easier time calming down and coming back to a cheerful place. It’s as if my brain is super-charged. Before, I could recognize where I wanted to be emotionally, but couldn’t quite get there. Now, almost as if just by thinking it, I can bring myself back to a me I want to be. I have more perspective, if that makes sense.

When recently attending a two week long class, I was so pleased how much easier it was to take in the complicated concepts and formulae. I didn’t realize how very hard I had been working at school to get the good grades that I got. My comprehension was quickened, even though I have a much older brain than when in college!

My children are also benefiting from having a mom who is much more together than before. We all have busy schedules and I find that being a single-mom is much less daunting than in the past because I seem to be lots more organized even with minimal effort. Like Ben, however, I am not perfect, nor has my personality changed. I humbly submit that I have lots to work on, but now I am happy doing it, whatever it happens to be.

Keep up the fantastic work, Laura. You are a blessing to us.