ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia?

Other Learning Difficulties?

Emotional Control Issues?

Trauma, PTSD?

Certain Head Injuries?

Brain Integration Technique can help.


In 12 Hours.

No Drugs.



Crossinology’s Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is an extraordinarily effective way of reliably and permanently correcting the neuro-pathway blockages in the brain that can be the root cause of such problems as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, emotional control issues, PTSD, and the debilitating after-effects of certain head injuries.


Brain Integration Technique is a drug-free, non-invasive solution that affects not just academic performance but all aspects of life.


This is the most significant breakthrough in helping people overcome ADD/ADHD and other learning difficulties that I have come across in my entire career.- Ron Barnes, Ed.D., Retired professor, author and educational consultant


Brain Integration Technique (BIT) permanently solves problems with:

  • Focus and concentration
  • Self confidence and resilience
  • Reading, math and spelling
  • Completing projects and staying organized
  • Emotional control and mental functioning in stressful situations, including hair-trigger temper
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Certain head injuries, especially concussions (post concussive syndrome) – people who have been left with what they describe as “brain fog” – can’t think straight, can’t remember, can’t find the right words
  • Problems resulting from premature birth, especially learning difficulties


Why Us?

It matters who you see.  Experience and good results count!   Prescott Brain Integration was founded in 2007 and we have seen hundreds of clients. All three of us are smart, caring, experienced professionals with a high degree of integrity and exceptional insight. We are thorough, accurate, and we consistently achieve excellent results that have been proven to last. You can see this in comments from clients, made as much as five years later, in the Client Stories section of this site.


In our practice, we permanently correct the underlying causes of ADD/ADHD and dyslexia, as well as PTSD and certain head injuries. We see people with or without a formal diagnosis, and we are usually able to create permanent and lasting change in just 12 hours and with no drugs.


Our clients typically enjoy an increased sense of well-being, calmness, and self-worth.


Read what our past clients have to say: